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M Sarki
When You Start to Dig
Endurance of the Void
Muselmann! Preen Our Roses
The Boy in Cochran Hill
Peter Schorsch
St. Louis
Steven D. Schroeder
Message from Old Gods
Riddle: An Adjective Objectified
Tom Sheehan | (2) | (3) | (4)
Bar Harbor Passage
From Vinegar Hill, A Small Red Star for Me and My Father
Voice from the Gray
Searching for Mushrooms and Trolleys
Burial for Horsemen
From Nahant, Atlantic Rub, Pacific Skip
Martha Silano
Brandon Shimoda
My father, in need
Until a friend calls drunk
Matthew Shindell
Jesus and the 12 Opossums
Jealousy Is the Old Horse
Like My Back Ain't Got No Bone
Su Smallen
Graveyard Below Black Lake
3:45 am - 3:45 pm, Mid-November
When we fall away from one another as if ill,
we fall within our bodies as if elms in winter
Gary D. Smith
Dove Hunting
Cheryl Snell
John Sokol
Just Sing, Orpheus!
The Weight of the World
Margo Solod
Trying To Steal Home
But This Is Now

David Starkey
Song of the Hawkers and Beggars
William E. Stobb
For Real June
October with Zoloft Trial Packet
Circa Oh Two
Billy Marshall Stoneking
Campfire at Tjukula - Central Australia
Steve Stromme
Haying Time
Riding Time
Lynn Strongin
A low slow thing moves against darkness, on wheels
Tintoretto Twilight
David H. Sutherland
Ground Zero
Heart Of The Fugue
Joyce Sutphen
Since You Will Not Send Me Word
Losing Touch
John Sweet | (2) | (3)
the bleeding horse revealed
to be given the gift of helplessness
beneath the violent weight
first snow in the season of rust
r l swihart
Nottiteln #5
Nottiteln #6
Margaret C. Szumowski
La Bruja: A Ghazal
His Fingertips

Doug Tanoury
Last Will & Testament
Lynne Thompson
Urban Ars Poetica
Seventeen  Sixteen Fifteen Sure-Fire Ways to Live Like a Poet
Rapid Eye Movement
Fear of the Bit
Peter Tomassi
Day #183
Tony Trigilio
Face on Mars
My Vertigo
David Trinidad
From a poem in progress
Amy Trussell | (2)
Recovery Room Angels
Muscle Shoals