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John Sweet
first snow in the season of rust

first snow in the season of rust

think about
these ideas that you
can never see

about the darker shades
of november twilight
and the way the ground begins
to freeze beneath the

and think about stillness

about the weight of it

about quang duc
in his shroud of fire

his body reduced to ashes
but his heart left intact

the war dragging on and
then the next one beginning
and then the next

a poet i've never met
found dead behind the wheel
of a borrowed car

everything important
left unsaid

Poet's Biography:
  John Sweet has been writing and publishing poetry in the small press for over 20 years. His most recent publications include Verse Libre, Identity Theory, Parting Gifts and MiPo. His new book, Human Cathedrals, was recently released by Ravenna Press. This is his third appearance in three candles.

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