Javier O. Huerta

Cy Twombly's Untitled (Say Goodbye Catullus, to the shores of Asia Minor)
The Loretto Chapel Stairs
Rising Thunder
Kevin McLellan
Rachel Contreni Flynn
Corncrib Lit By Sunset
David Gardiner
Wild Flowers
Bus Brakes and Debussy
Erika Mikkalo
Nanoseconds: Millions
Alexander Long
Still Life with Suicide II: With Hendrix and Vallejo
Folding Their Cards and Showing Their Losses

Still Life Recapturing One of the Worst Things
I’ve Ever Done
Ellen Goldstein
The Stranger
The Instrument Room
Oni Buchanan
Architecture of Tears
Carolyn Srygley-Moore
Casting Out
The Whistler's Tarantula
Simone Muench
A Sequence of Poems from the Orange Girl Series

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Jehanne Dubrow
Kosher Dills
At Mel Krupin's
Icon of the Black Madonna
Mark DeCarteret
Cat's Hole
Night Light
Andrew Demcak
The Birthday Party
Black Valentine
The Living Donor
Bryan Newbury
While Waiting on the Ferry
Survived a Winter
Muezzin in Absentia
Steven D. Schroeder
Wear Your Hip-Waders
Penelope at the Singer
Peter J. Shippy
The Great Wall of Wabash
The Protocols of Attending the Danish Opera
Aggressive Ships
Bernadette Geyer
Amanda Auchter
Bluebeard's Last Bride
Peter Tomassi
Of This
Bright Red Packages