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M Sarki: Five Poems
Confessing | When You Start to Dig | Endurance of the Void | Muselmann! Preen Our Roses | The Boy in Cochran Hill


I climbed his fence
to ply again her
mushroom congee.

Avowed, she let
me fleece it then;
fourchette and


When You Start to Dig

I ruptured your bean
and made of it my
plaything. But

how can you know
I did? Look here,
between each vine.

See the way the leaf
peels by means of
the wind? Pivoting

all at once? Sensing
its mission for
spotting my chaff

between them?

Endurance of the Void

He wrenches the cage
and its party of
diplomats groping

the lips of wir
mighty. Dogbane
and pitcherplant,

synaeresis accident.
Ningal, augury, surprise.

Muselmann! Preen Our Roses

Not coy but aloof inhumanity.
A tread nom de plume. An
insipid tear. Dolor overcome

by a difficulty unimaginable,
impossible to realize except
in its dying. A death so lonely

that even an outstretched hand
simply grazes it, disturbs the
bones, the chalking skeleton

broken-down but still alive
somehow to only what is left
of its viscosity.

The Boy in Cochran Hill

Then you went for the
parlor. To macerate
eight feet beneath your

chest. A massive heap
completed. Defeated
into residue again.

Fate sealed in character.
And continuing to resist
the base of what remains


Poet's Biography:
  M Sarki is from Louisville, Kentucky and has had poems published in the New Orleans Review,; Borderlands, A Texas Review of Poetry; elimae; Archipelago and other literary publications. A first collection of poems titled ZIMBLE ZAMBLE ZUMBLE, edited with a foreword by Gordon Lish, has recently been published by elimae books which can be found on the web at M Sarki is also associate poetry editor at 5_Trope.

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