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David Trinidad
From a Poem in Progress
Kathleen Weihe
On My Way to a Poem
As Long as a Crow's Life
Viola Weinberg
It's So Easy To Remember
Xing Xing, the Stars
Susan Steger Welsh (2)
In Which the Poet Defends Her Right to Paint Her Nails
Blessing of the Animals
Instructions for Approaching an Ode
My Horoscope Says Love Is What You Make It
Gail White
Painting the Annunciation
Lapsed Catholic Watches the Super Bowl
Kelley Jean White (2)
Nobody Talks About Benjamin
You will have to correct me
Every poem I write for my father is called twilight
Christina M. Williams
seven things lost
Richard C. Williams
What Endures on This Side of the Sky
God: Vignette 101
Susan R. Williamson
Perfect Score
Why, In the Restaurant, Our Bodies Were Humming
Samuel Willoughby
Moonlight Sonata
My Mother Says Iím Buried in the Wasatch Mountains
Leonore Wilson
Cyril Wong
letter to araya rasdjarmrearnsook
way out
a kind of hush
Thomas Wooten | (2)
The Magnificent Ones
Desperate Search Abandoned
Emergency on Redondo Boulevard
David Wright
When He Sings Like an Old 78
Jones Speaks in the Garden
Common Meter
Ryo Yamaguchi