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Richard C. Williams: Two Poems
What Endures on This Side of the Sky | God: Vignette 101

What Endures on This Side of the Sky

   I think of dark roses on the trellis,
   geisha moths and the crooked arms

   of cypress; all rising for a slice
   of light. But the sky is washed of color.

   The lattice grows rickety, its weave
   ends where moth wings crumble

   and Heaven remains a myth,
   November dust at my fingertips.

God: Vignette 101

   On a San Juan terrace
   overlooking an aqua earth,
   God and I sip margaritas.

   We blow smoke rings
   while the intrepid sun glazes
   our unclothed bodies.

Poet's Biography:
  Richard C Williams' is a graphics/web designer from NYC, a firm supporter of animal rights, and the editor of the innovative literary arts journal Pierian Springs. His latest publications include, can we have our ball back?, Pedestal Magazine, The Adirondack Review, Eleven Bulls, Niederngasse, Red River Review, Pig Iron Malt, Comrades, Little Brown Poetry, 3rd Muse, and others. Williams' work is forthcoming in Junket, Snow Monkey, and Artemis Journal. He is seeking a publisher for his first collection of poems, Little Boy Blue, and can be reached via email at

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