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Radames Ortiz
On the Suicide of Zdenek Adamec
William Oxley | (2)
Waiting for Inspiration
A Retreat
At the Double Locks Pub
The Phraseology of Birds
Juliet Patterson
A Narrative
Ethan A. Paquin
Caladium in Waning Sestina
Anatomy of Seduction
Simon Perchik
Two Untitled Poems
Peter Pereira
Burning the Nests
Butterfly Bush
Perfect Pitch
Silvia Brandon Pérez | (2)
all you want to hear
He wore Imperial by Guerlain
Ms. Brandon regrets she's unable to please today
conversations in vain
Paul Perry
Slowly Home
A Cemetery Outside Chetumal
Allan Peterson | (2) | (3)
Flash in the Dark
Half of Breath
Supply and Demand
Weightless Vacation
New Leaves
Getting There From Here
Losing Oswego
Edith Pfister
Little Green Men
Kenneth Pobo | (2)
Perry Time
Trina on the Acropolis
Hopkins' Poplars
Cobalt Blue Vase
Deidre Pope
Christine Potter
Driving Home Ten Years Ago, We Listen to an Organ CD
   of "The Ride of the Valkyries"
Zero Degrees At First Light