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kris t kahn
The Broken Bedframe
Deborah Keenan
Hands in the Garden
Garlic  Trees  Incest
Ward Kelley
Pushing, Pushing
Requires the Embrace
Cheryl Kidder
Watching Ellie Sleep
Amy King
Gertrude for Girls
Contortionist for Sleep
Patricia Kirkpatrick
Pine Siskins
Turkey Vultures
Spring Dream at Forty-Nine
Christine Boyka Kluge
Fog on Her Tongue
Testing the Wind

David Koehn
The Nearest Island
The Remedy
Grooming Habits
Mary A. Koncel
Sideswiping the Pig
Black Flies
Something Like the Earth
M N Kotzin
Awakening to Zinnias
Sea Changes
Laurie Kuntz
A Garden Look at Loss
Driving Back to El Monte
Cassandra Labairon
Lilith Visits a Mystic
The Direction of Breath
Jeffrey Levine
Salt to Harar, Roses to Nod
Orange Birds at Tulum
Marcus LiBrizzi
Return to the Millennium
James Lineberger
Now When I Dream
Emily Lloyd
Lamb Curry
Diet Coke with Lime: "Guess What it Tastes Like"
Roseann Lloyd
We Didn't Have the Words Then
Still Point, July 25