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Is The Ideal Van Driver's Breakfast Still A Full English?

Many thoughts occupy my mind on a long van journey: the state of the nation, the true meaning of life, the odds against Stockport County ever winning the premiership. The most regular and important question, though, is: how soon can I once again sit in front of a magnificent full English Breakfast?

As a seasoned old English van enthusiast, I find great delight in extolling the virtues of this beloved morning feast, with its harmonious ensemble of eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, toast, and a touch of marmalade. Occasionally I may even add that delicacy so beloved of Southerners; the delectable hash browns.

Picture, if you will, the scene: a misty morning, the sun's rays timidly piercing through the curtains, as the aroma of sizzling bacon dances through the air. It is a moment that beckons one to gather round the table, for this is no ordinary breakfast: it is a glorious symphony of flavours that fortifies the adventurous spirit within.

Eggs - fried of course

Let us begin with the eggs, cooked to perfection, their yolks a golden treasure waiting to burst forth with creamy delight. They provide a satisfying richness that complements the other components of this magnificent treat.

Bacon - thickly sliced and oak smoked if possible

Next, we have the bacon: oh, the sizzle and aroma that fills the kitchen! It is a testament to the art of cooking, where the delicate balance of crispness and succulence is achieved. Each bite offers a burst of smoky, salty goodness, awakening the taste buds and setting the tone for the meal ahead.

Sausages - the original 'bags of mystery'

Ah, and then we have the sausage, robust in flavor and hearty in texture. This is no ordinary sausage; it is a taste of tradition, a link to the past. Its succulence and seasoning are crafted with care, offering a savoury complement to the other elements of the breakfast ensemble. What do these gourmet treats actually contain? Who cares, as long as they don't burst when frying.

Tomatoes and mushrooms, grilled or fried in butter

And what would a Full English Breakfast be without the tomato and mushrooms? They bring a touch of freshness and earthiness to the plate, adding depth and vibrancy to the culinary symphony. The juicy tomatoes burst with flavor, while the mushrooms provide a delightful contrast in texture.

Heinz baked beans - substitutes are unthinkable

But let us not forget the humble baked beans, those tender morsels coated in a rich, tangy sauce. They offer a comforting touch of sweetness and warmth, inviting us to savour each spoonful as we revel in the simple pleasures of a well-balanced breakfast.

Toast - white, thickly sliced, and freshly buttered

And finally, we have the toast; crisp, golden, and waiting to be adorned with a spread of true, tangy marmalade. The toast provides the perfect canvas for this delightful ensemble, adding a comforting crunch and a touch of sweetness that harmonises beautifully with the savory components of the meal.

As an English van enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of enjoying this culinary symphony on many an occasion. Whether on the road, parked at a scenic spot, or gathered around a table with kindred spirits, the Full English Breakfast has always been a moment of indulgence and connection.

So, my fellow van enthusiasts, as we embark on our journeys, let us not forget the pleasures that await us in the morning; a glorious Full English Breakfast that awakens the senses and prepares us for the road ahead. May the eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, toast, and marmalade be our companions on this grand adventure, as we savour each bite and create memories that will last a lifetime.

But what if we haven't time for all this?

When time is pressing, there is nothing wrong with a bacon buttie; thick smoky rashers, fried to perfection, with just a touch of HP sauce, wrapped up in a thickly buttered oven bottom barm cake, and washed down with a mug of hot tea. If I could only ever eat one more type of meal for the rest of my life, this would be the one.

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