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Short Term Car Insurance

Danny Hargreaves liked to dabble a little bit in buying and selling cars and he reckoned himself to be something of a sharp Jack the Lad! His modus operandi was to pop over to the local car auction on a Friday night, pick out a suitable vehicle which he thought he may be able to buy cheaply owing to its tatty condition, and if he was successful in bidding for it he would drive it home, give it a quick cleanup and advertise it on eBay and in his local newspaper. Some of the vehicles he bought were real 'lemons' and he used to get a real stack of complaints from irate purchasers but since he was a big strapping fellow he didn't allow these to worry him too much! One day, however, he got his comeuppance.

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One Friday night he noticed an ideal car at the auction; a late model Ford Escort, it had obviously had a hard life since the speedometer reading showed that hit had already covered nearly 100,000 miles, and it was filthy both internally and externally. None of these was any problem to Danny; he had all the tools necessary to reset the mileage record and the speedometer, and soap and water were both cheap enough! He bid for the car successfully, and bought it for a song.

Because the car had been so badly neglected, there was a blown bulb in the nearside rear light, but Danny never even checked on this. As he drove home in the car that evening, two officers in a police car which was waiting round the corner from the auction hall for similar easy business spotted the fact that the light was out, flagged him down and demanded to see his driving documents. Needless to say, Danny had not got any insurance for the car; why should he, when he only intended to own it for a few days; so he was subsequently cautioned, summoned to court, and barred from driving for the following six months. Unable to drive, he had to give his car selling business, which meant that no more lemons were passed on to unsuspecting buyers by Danny again!

If Danny had been as sharp as he thought he was, he would have taken his laptop computer to the auction with him. Upon buying each vehicle he would have used the free Wi-Fi system that just about every car auction company has installed to logon to a short term car insurance company. He could then have insured the vehicle for a couple of days at a very low cost; and cover could have commenced immediately. Had he then being flagged down by traffic police officers, they may have been able to prosecute him for having no tax disc on the vehicle – result, a relatively small fine – but not for the very serious offence of driving without insurance.

Short-term car insurance is available for a single day if that is all you need; you can extend it up to 28 days, depending upon your requirements. Cover is available in both comprehensive and third-party forms; and if you wish you can download all the documentation and print it on your own printer. This means that within a few minutes of buying a car, or borrowing it from someone else, you can drive it completely legally; and be covered for any accidents which may occur whilst you are driving it. If only Danny had read this article earlier!