This Coach, used at Her Majesty's Coronation, was designed by Sir William Chambers, and finished in the year 5765. The paintings, of which the following are the most important, were executed by Cipriani.

The Front Panel: Britannia seated on a throne holding a Staff of Liberty, attended by Religion, Justice, Wisdom, Valour, Fortitude, Commerce, Plenty, and Victory, presenting her with a Garland of Laurel ; in the background a view of St. Paul's and the River Thames.

The Right Door: Industry and Ingenuity giving a Cornucopia to the Genius of England, and on each side History recording the Reports of Fame, and Peace burning the Implements of War.

The Back Panel: Neptune and Amphitrite issuing from their palace in a triumphant car, drawn by sea-horses, attended by the Winds, Rivers, Tritons, and Naiads, bringing the tribute of the world to the British shore.

Upper of Back Panel: The Royal Arms, ornamented with the Order of St. George; the Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle entwined.

The Left Door: Mars, Minerva, and Mercury supporting the Imperial Crown of Great Britain, and on each side the Liberal Arts and Sciences protected.

 The design of the Coach itself is in keeping with the above ideas. The length of the Carriage is 24 feet ; width, 8 feet 3 inches ; height, 12 feet ; length of pole, 12 feet 4 inches; weight, 4 tons. The harness is made of red morocco leather. On State occasions eight cream-coloured horses, as here represented, are used.

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