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Mirel Brisca: Two Poems
Self-Portrait | Another Sign


I am an island of reason
In a sea of grass,
Or so I've been told
By a great philosopher.
I scream my Latin
To frighten the dog,
And I see him
Waving the flag
As he runs,
Pulling my land
Like a carriage,
Leaving me seeking
The eternal youth.

Another Sign

The angel is dead,
I do not hold him,
Thus, he becomes water
Leaking through my fingers.
He wets my knee
And washes my legs
     with his way of going.
Leaving me alone
Forever running.
Incapable of losing,
Unfit for the soul,
I am talking
Without reason,
     hardly letting myself in.
Born from a word
I carry my meaning
     in a holy desert.
I ask if I am, but the screams
Do not leave me,
So I will stay
Adding loneliness
     to the desert.

Poet's Biography:
Mirel Brisca is a Romanian poet studying at the Academy of Economic Studies. He is a part-time English teacher and has had poems published in Thunder rain, Artvilla, and Moongate.

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