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Alexandre Amprimoz: Three Poems

Stillborn Twin | Stillborn Twin 2 | Stillborn Twin 3

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Stillborn Twin

before dusk
you drop out

of blue and blood
orange and original

sins of servants
free us from delivery

scream in plaza
in piazza

your voice
then the torn throat

little adam lets
his mutilate apple

kiss the soil
then kicks the core

i am zidane
your voice as always

you the stillborn twin
and I the zombie

another child
in indochina

catches a butterfly
eats it

c’est bon
you were

the truth
the speckled stone

between saints
vincent and paul

you and i
just a business

of ferrets

Stillborn Twin 2

the invention

of the eleventh hour
sweet jesus

not primitive enough

domesticated ferrets
never return to the wild

there was hope
to heal you

back to light
forsaken ferret

albino brother
but I am no vet

and swift salvation was tried
with my army knife

and men of good will
i worked hard and long

without purple ink
and against the grain

The voice in the street

what’s good
for the hob

but you were
a small jill

i had to keep
the daily metaphors

on a leash
and turn away

from the persistence
we all find in time

Stillborn Twin 3

angels come at night
and break you

out of your

but you
born from dark duplication

and your claws
lost to brutal children

to dead spirits
chewers of eternity

and your paws
burned from scratches

urine and excrements
still bleeding

in the sacred heart
of fervent sisters

by flames of faith

forsaken ferret
albino brother

beware of angels
they can dismiss you

with a slight nod
and leave an empty cradle

Poet's Biography:
photo of poet Alexandre Amprimoz is a poet, critic, translator, writer and programmer. He teaches Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. His books include A Season For Birds: selected Poems by Pierre Morency. Translation. (Toronto: Exile Press, 1990); Venice At Her Mirror: Essay by Robert Marteau. Translation. (Toronto: Exile Press, 1990); Nostalgies de l'ange. (Ottawa: Editions du Vermillon, 1993). He has recently published poems in The Antigonish Review, Velvet illusion, Octavo, DMQ, Poet's Canvas, Dégaine ta rime, Résurrétion, Hélices and Litté Réalité, Triplopia, Sidereality, and others. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize several times.

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